About me

I have always had such a big love for animals. I had been qualified and working as a human chiropractor for two years when I decided to become an animal specialist. I was seeing really great results with my human clients soI really wanted to be able to help with animals in the same way.

I graduated with the IAVC (International Association of Veterinary Chiropractic) in 2019 and have since been practicing with animals. It has been incredible to see how effective the treatment is and how quickly the treatment can work to help with the animals movement. It is the biggest joy to be able to combine my passion and love for animals with my work.

The problem is there are very few animal chiropractors out there so people don’t know what to look for when their animal has a problem. It may be a slow journey but i am making it my mission to spread the word of how great veterinary chiropractic can be!